• Apart from being the man of the home, men also need to be Godly examples in the workplace. Whether it be the sport field, the factory, the farm, the college, the university, they need to lead from the front, by example.
  • Their physical, spiritual and mental attitudes towards life must convey the fragrance of Jesus Christ in everything they do. In other words, their lifestyles must match up to what they say.
  • Men need to understand that they have a responsibility, not only to the family, but to the community and then to their nation.
  • They need to be responsible, when it comes to the management of finance, of moral standards, of Biblical principles.
  • We are not interested in personal opinions, only God’s opinion.
  • Everything they speak, must be qualified by Scripture.
  • No-one is interested in quotations from men who have no standing in the sight of God.
  • Each man will have his own flavor, but the message remains the same.
  • Men need to be encouraged to be men, to be good fathers, good husbands, good leaders and good citizens for the benefit of the Kingdom of God.

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